Be part of your neighborhood Co-op!

We would like to invite you to our Rutledge Co-opportunity to support our local community members and shoppers. Member support and participation is what distinguishes us from our corporate competitors and what will help us to continue be part our Rutledge Community.

Co-op members will have an equal voice in our business. In fact, a Co-op is the most democratic form of business in existence today…and anyone can be a part of it!

When members join the Co-op, unlike an investor-owned enterprise where the investor with the most shares has the most clout, we empower all Co-op members equally to be an integral part of our operations. By democratizing membership, we can focus on service—both to our members and community— instead of profit. And while we’re open to the public, becoming a member lets you enjoy some awesome additional benefits; coupons, discounts and better choice of foods to be sold to our members.

To Join Our Co-Op by clicking on this link. Co-Op

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